Call Point Fire are proud to be associated as virtual affiliates with a Sim Racing team known as BTR. The team race in many simulations such as Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally 2.0 & RFactor 2. Currently there are 10 drivers from all over Europe, racing multiple times a week to audiences of thousands through streaming sites such as Twitch and Youtube.


As regulations in the real world of motorsport change frequently regarding emissions and sponsorship costs escalte, sim racing gives Call Point Fire a great source of clean and green advertising worldwide.


If you'd like to learn more of their story and their weekly events, visit them at Boyd Transport Racing.


Or follow them on Twitter, to catch their latest racing news and results at @BoydTracing.


BTR also offer potential deals to clients referred through them. Quote the code 'BTR2021' when contacting us to find out how together we can help your company.