Fire Compartmentation Surveys


Our Compartmentation Surveys are tailored to your requirements and does not affect the working day of a business. We are able to offer female chaperoned visits and will always prearrange visits to the site to put our clients at ease and manage safety while working. Our on site visits follow the latest COVID 19 guidelines with PPE worn at all times.  


The survey will not be destructive unless required and pre-agreed with additional arrangements made.


The following pictures below were taken at different premises following a compartmentation survey.


The risk profile of each premises was residential with high risk to life safety.


In all cases, the responsible person on site thought all fire compartments were sealed. 


A Call Point Fire Risk Assessment had identified a number of compartment breaches. A compartmentation survey was recommended by the Fire Risk Assessor and confirmed the extent of breaches and corrective actions required.


  • Lofts showing mineral fibre, firewalls breached by persons working in the lofts cutting through into each fire compartment and not resealing. 


  • Plasterboard firewalls showing sections of firewall cut through compartment to compartment and left open.


  • Escape route corridors, lifting ceiling tiles exposing firewall breaches above fire doors with pipes and cables passing over them using lamp tests to confirm the extent of the breach.

Industrial above a large cold store:

  • Plant and ducting have been removed by contractors and the firewalls were left breached. Not only would this allow fire and hot gases to spread rapidly across the roof voids, the escape routes for persons working in the area have been significantly compromised. The compartmentation survey identified a large number of unknown breaches in addition throughout the site.



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