National Fire Risk Assessment Service 

Call Point Fire have offices in London, East Anglia, The North and The Midlands that can provide immediate access to our service range on a national scale.


All Assessors working within our associate network are registered by one of the following:


Warrington FRACSIFSM, BAFE,   IFE  &   MIFPO 


We are a dedicated, friendly and professional team with extensive fire knowledge. Our backgrounds range from ex-military fire service, public fire service enforcement and industry. 


The assessment document format used follows the latest PAS 79 standard presented in a digital format; bespoke client software is optional in some applications. 





Fire risk assessment normally can be conducted without affecting the working day of a business. Schools and Care homes with protected meal times etc. are respected. We plan to work at your time and choice. 

  • If you have never had a fire risk assessment before or new in your post or even have had a letter from your local Fire and Rescue service following a fire safety audit and you are not sure what you need to do, please do not worry. With Call Point Fire, you are never alone and you are in safe hands. We will guide you through the whole process. Contact Us to find out more. 
  • How much does a Fire Risk Assessment cost? Always be on your guard for the one-off price fits all advertised; one price does not fit all. Your assessment is a legal document and needs to be suitable and sufficient, it will be subject to inspection and subject to enforcement. You should confirm the information you will be receiving is insured, expect this to be reflected in the price.
  • Quotation time from your first contact with Call Point Fire will be 24 working hours and in some cases immediate.


  • Your assessment will be covered under Professional Indemnity Insurance of up to £10 million and of the highest standard suitable and sufficient to be inspected by the Fire and Rescue service.





 Simon Pauley Director DipFD MIFSM FSIDIP   MIFPO NAPHIS