About Call Point Fire

Simon Pauley, Dip FD, MIFSM, FSIDIP, MIFPO, NAPFIS is the Founder and Senior Consultant of Call Point Fire has been operating at the highest level of FRACS Accreditation for many years as a Fire Risk Assessor of which we are very proud to achieve as part of this progressive approach to fire safety.

Simon is registered on the Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR) as a Tier 3 Fire Risk Assessor.


'My goal is to make appointing a Fire Risk Assessment; stress free.'


In order to achieve this, Simon has undertaken and completed the industries recognised most comprehensive technical evaluation successfully and achieved certification to be considered competent to conduct risk assessments for the purposes of the relevant UK fire safety legislation.


Selecting a FRACS certified Assessor provides immediate evidence as a responsible person/duty holder. They have exercised due diligence in the selection and appointment of a competent Fire Risk Assessor which is one of the responsible person/duty holder of your legal requirements.





Call Point Fire are a UK based Fire Protection consultants offering services such as:


  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Fire Compartmentation Surveys
  • Fire Training
  • Regulation 38
  • EWS1 Building Cladding Assessments
  • Evacuation Solutions

The team consists of skilled individuals and associates with a variety of interesting backgrounds providing superior knowledge in the field. 

Examples of market sectors shown below actively serviced with an outline of our work. The service we provided respects client confidentiality at all times only client approved case histories can be respectfully provided on request.


  • Industrial and residential - Building cladding surveys.

  • Education premises - Fire risk assessments of day nurseries, Junior schools and special need boarding schools. 
  • Universities - Fire risk assessments of campus residence and remote living accommodation some listed buildings.
  • Care homes - Fire risk assessments, compartmentation surveys, new home pre-purchase surveys conducted.
  • Medical premises - Fire risk assessments eye clinics, doctors surgeries, dentists, podiatry high street locations.
  • Sheltered housing - Fire risk assessments and compartmentation surveys for housing association approved supplier.
  • General housing stock - Fire risk assessments and compartmentation surveys housing association over 1000 blocks assessed.
  • High rise buildings - Housing association approved supplier fire risk assessments and compartmentation surveys.
  • HMO Landlord- Fire risk assessments and compartmentation surveys. 
  • Hotels & Licensed premises - Private premises, one being one of the oldest theatre houses in England.   
  • Industrial engineering manufacturing - Small CNC precision industrial unit to multi-hectare sites.
  • Warehousing - Fire risk assessments for major high street brand names.
  • Food production - Small unit site fire risk assessments to multi-hectare sites for major brands of cooked  & frying meats with explosive environments and fresh fruit sites.
  • Cold chiller freezer stores - Fire risk assessments distribution chains major high street brands Nationally.
  • Farming - Fire risk assessing with land workers accommodation.
  • Horticulture - Fire risk assessed many hectares of glass houses, poly-tunnels with workers living accommodation.      
  •  Retail - Pre-lease assessments and fire risk assessment for a change of use premises.
  •  Places of worship - Fire risk assessments of a large number of listed building and modern buildings of all faiths.

If you're interested in arranging a consultation or have any pressing questions regarding your business and it's fire safety. Visit our Contact Us page.