Fire Door Surveys


Ongoing Support Options


Fire doors are proven to save lives when installed and maintained correctly by competent persons trained to do so. 


Installation and service team used are:

  • DBS Cleared
  • Locksmith CSCS


Call Point Fire surveyors understand how humans interact with fire doors in the real working world of social housing and business. On completion of a detailed fire door survey, Assessors can advise alternative solutions to improve user interaction with fire doors to help prevent future non compliance.


Ongoing fire door service support options:

  • Correction of fire door non compliance following a survey.


  • Scheduled rechecking and service of fire doors.





Non compliance problems often are the cause of a chain of events. Responsible persons moving into a new role or building and inheriting old fire doors, staff bad habits or appointing unknowingly trade persons not certified to conduct work on fire doors.


We see a wide range of issues day to day all of which we can help to correct.


A Call Point Fire door survey will identify and confirm if doors are up to the relevant standards in all aspects and can advise of corrective measures if required. This will be in the form of a documented report with photographic supporting evidence.


Ongoing maintenance of fire doors is required as they will throughout the year move and drop in their frames through use and become damaged or warped. Vision panels also become loose and doors no longer close and latch.


Following a Call Point Fire Door survey, a remedial works action plan and ongoing service support of your fire doors can be arranged. There are no restrictions to use our support services.


 Below are just a sample of non compliant fire door survey findings:

  • The top intumescent and cold smoke seal is missing often done on purpose to allow the door to close fully.
  • Small sections of intumescent and cold smoke seal removed. The seal would fail.
  • Fire door with the latch removed and the void left in the door.
  • The correct fire certified hinge has been used but the fit is wrong making the fit non compliant.
  • The fire door frame left with holes around it into the room its protecting.
  • Hinge with screws missing, the hinge is not fire certified and all screws in a fire door hinge are required.
  • Fire door lower vision panel with damaged beading and seal. This would fail and risks glazing falling out under fire.
  • Fire door overhead closer is linked to the fire alarm, the protective cable fixing have failed to leave it hanging.


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